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AOK mediBalls Pro® - available in a range of great colours with a size to suit everyonegirl on mediBall Pro

mediBall / DuraBall Pro Designed by AOK's Managing Director, Bradley Wilson (B.Sc. M.S.S), mediBall Pro is the only University designed & tested Swiss ball in the world and continues to out-perform the competition by far. mediBall Pro is Burst resistant to a load of 500 kg whereas the anti-burst rating of most Swiss balls is only 150 kg. Manufactured in Australia from the highest quality raw materials - Durable and non-toxic mediBall Pro is guaranteed for performance and build quality - Cheap balls are not! What does anti-burst mean? Rather than exploding if punctured, the ball will deflate slowly. mediBall Pro takes about 30 seconds to deflate if punctured - greatly reducing the risk of injury.

Size in diameter & Price

  • 45cm - *RM 239
  • 55cm - *RM 259

    Why is mediBall Pro® burst resistant to 500kg?
    When sitting/exercising on the ball, the impact on the ball is more than just your body weight. E.g. the impact loading from an 80kg person bouncing on the ball can easily be 2.5 times their body weight or 200 kg!

    mediBall Pro® retains its shape under heavy loads, maximising the body's stabilisation process. It is ideal for seating, exercise, rehabilitation and can be used with duraDisc™, airRoller™, medicineBalls™, BallWeb™ and weights to gain a more challenging workout.

  • AOK Max Balls

    Made In Australia* & Phthalate FREE* *AOK balls are the best in the world - each ball is test inflated for your safety*

    Weight tested at the University of Newcastle the Maxball is a phenomenal performer. It has a textured grip surface to reduce the chance of the ball slipping when in use.

  • - Ideal for commercial operations
  • - High Resistance To Deformation
  • - Static

    Load: 5000kg

    Dynamic Load: 750kg

    Gold and Black available

    55cm - *RM 399

    65cm - *RM 429

    The MaxBall has been tested to ensure product consistency - each ball is marked with a batch number to ensure consumer safety guidelines. These Swiss Balls have variously supported static loads well in excess of 5,000 kilograms and are burst-resistant. This does not mean puncture proof but helps protect you from explosive deflation.

  • AIREX® Exercise Mats

    Comfortable positioning is the key to a programme of successful therapeutic activities.

    A key objective in physical therapy activities is to keep the patient as safe and comfortable as possible.

    AIREX® gymnastic mats provide maximum protection through their non-slip surface, superb cushioning and the soft ans warm touch in contact with the skin.

    Permanent hygiene is guaranteed through the sanitized process.

    In water, AIREX® mats ans hydro products provide a safe and stable platform to enable a variety of physical activities in the hydrotherapy pool.

    The buoyancy of AIREX® mats is sufficient to keep an adult safely afloat whilst still maintaining contact with the water. The mats remain flexible with body movements, but prevent the patient from slipping off into the pool.

    Invest in the quality option.

    The choice for professional AIREX® gymnastic mats, balance and hydro products is normally based on a comparison of quality characteristics. AIREX® products are:-

    • warm and comfortable to touch
    • hygienic through sanitized treatment
    • easy to clean
    • light-weight and easy to roll-up
    • flat, non-slip surface
    • hard wearing and long lasting
    • superb cushioning
    • closed-cell structure, impervious to water
    • CE-approved (93/42/EC)

    Type: Coronella
    Length: 185 cm
    Width: 60 cm
    Thickness: 15 mm
    Colour: blue, green, red
    Weight: 2,2 kg
    Price: *RM 550
    Gymnastics, fitness, aerobics
    Type: Corona
    Length: 185 cm
    Width: 100 cm
    Thickness: 15 mm
    Colour: blue, green, red
    Weight: 3,8 kg
    Price: *RM 895
    Gymnastics, fitness, aerobics
    Fitline   180
    Type: Fitline
    Length: 180 cm
    Width: 58 cm
    Thickness: 10 mm
    Colour: water-blue
    Weight: 1,5 kg
    Price: *RM 380
    Gymnastics, fitness, aerobics

    Foam Rollers

    Foam Roller

    Foam Rollers are cylindrical in shape and light weight. They're designed to enhance balance and body awareness. As part of a corrective exercise it is used for muscle re-education, motor planning, neural and muscular flexibility, and dynamic strengthening.

    AOK Physio Roller Long Round 6 " GREEN - RM 199

    AOK Physio Roller Long Round 4" BLACK - RM 169

    Blood Pressure Cuffs

    A professional aneroid sphygmomanometer, complete with gauge, inflation system and a zippered carrying case. We use this as a biofeedback mechanism for abdominal training and specific cervical conditioning as part of a corrective exercise program.

    Priced at *RM 180 each

    * All prices exclude possible shipping fees

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