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Personalized Programs

Personalized Programs is one of the fastest  and most efficient ways to reach a goal as it is personalized to suit you as a person in terms of goals and available time.  Let me, Tatiana your Holistic Personal Trainer, coach you towards your goals - moving you into action and keeping you accountable!

We at Fit 4 Life work on the 'Whole Person Approach', looking at you as a whole person.  We believe that is is the way to permanent change and results that lasts a lifetimeHolistic Fitness, is our philosophy, a life changing integrated approach to well-being - simple 6 steps program where  YOU are in-charge while respecting your body and giving it the tools it needs to heal and get stronger.

Wellness is making the right lifestyle choices, eating & moving the right way for you.  No one way is right for everyone. Treating yourself as unique is important  when it comes to exercise & nutrition.  A Personalized Plan allows you to suit your lifestyle, time constraint and areas of concern.

Do you want to:

  1. Play better golf? Whether you are a 'weekend warrior' or an athlete, our performance specific programs will empower you to the next level of performance - you are only as strong as your weakest link!
  2. Be a life changing Public Speaker? Have you been to presentations where the information was great but your energy as the speaker was just so low, that no matter how ‘gung-ho’ the material is you were quite glad it was all over? Your vitality and your posture should be your priority should you yearn to inspire your audience.
  3. Decrease back pain? Our corrective exercises programs will improve and help you manage your back or neck pain while improving your bio-mechanics!
  4. Increase a feeling of wellness thru nutrition (metabolic typing) & lifestyle coaching? Our general fitness-nutritional and lifestyle coaching improve your overall health & keep you accountable!
  5. Improve your posture? The quality of your posture can make a big difference in your life. Good posture can make you look and feel younger, stronger and more confident; and can help improve your breathing, advance your sports performance, decrease your risk of injury and improve your bio-mechanical efficiency. And, over the course of your life, good posture can prevent painful physical strain in your joints. How can you tell that your posture needs improving? Do you have:
    • an elevated hip or shoulder
    • drooping chest and shoulders
    • head jutting forward
    • collapsed arches in your feet
    • pelvis and hips tilted to the front, back or side
    • rounded back
    • one side of the body rotated forward or back
    • nagging pain or soreness in the feet or knee or hip
    • nagging back or neck pain or soreness

    These are indications that your body has gotten locked into poor movement patterns for any of a number of reasons, including muscle imbalance, compensation for injuries, ergonomic problems or poor alignment during fitness and sports activities.

  6. Rehabilitate an injury? Do you have a frozen shoulder, tennis or golfer’s elbow, a unstable ankle, painful knees? Our corrective exercise programs will make you strong again!
  7. Decrease back or neck pain in static posture at your workstation or home? Ergonomic assessments for home and office are crucial if you notice that your pain syndrome is related to your activities at work or home.
  8. Lose weight? Our weight loss programs looks at you as an individual to help you reach and maintain your healthy weight.
  9. Firm up? Our strength and toning programs increase tone which increases resting metabolic rate i.e burn more calories at rest!
  10. Climb up Mt. Kinabalu or any other mountain? Enjoy your journey and come back with no injuries with our pre-climb program!

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