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Do I need to bring along any thing for the evaluation?
For a postural evaluation, it is extremely important that you gather any medical reports/history including x-rays & MRIs, health screening reports, blood test results. Please take the time to write down chronological events relating to the injury that may not seem important to you but is very useful for me. For strength or toning program evaluation, information on your previous training efforts would be useful.

What happens during my evaluation?
You will be placed in various positions, i.e standing, sitting, lying face down, face up and side lying, while measurements are taken. We will also have a discussion about your goals, perceptions and current lifestyle. This will form the baseline to which the corrective exercise stretch and strength or toning program is prescribed.

What do I wear for the evaluation?
Women will be required to be in a bra and panty while men need to wear shorts that are above the knee.

May I bring another person to accompany me for the evaluation?
Yes, you may! It is very important to me that you feel comfortable and secure.

How long does the evaluation take?
Anywhere between 1½ hours to 2½ hours pending assessment.

How much does the evaluation cost?
The evaluation is RM 100 per hour at Fit4Life. Personalized Programs are from RM 150 at your residence. Follow-up sessions to learn the prescribed individualized program is RM 100 per hour in-house or RM 150 per hour at your residence. Prescribed Individualized Programs may start with neuromuscular release and mobilization techniques. A bed or table may be required if session is at your residence.

How long does it take to learn a new program?
This depends on you! Some people take 3 6 hours in split sessions while others prefer the trainer with them on a regular basis.

When should I be re-evaluated?
This depends on your program compliance and your diligence, anywhere between 6 weeks to 3 mths.

Could there be any other costs incurred?
You will need to purchase certain items should you wish to do the program at home on your own. Else everything is provided at Fit 4 Life.

How much does a nutritional and lifestyle evaluation cost?
The evaluation cost is RM180. You will be given a set of forms to fill out at home. Your follow-up sessions to learn the prescribed individualized program is RM80 per hour at Fit4Life or RM120 per hour at your residence.

How long does a nutritional and lifestyle session take?
Anywhere between 1½ hours to 2½ hours. You can bring along any one that you think would be helpful in your journey towards well-being and health.

When should I be re-evaluated?
Only if you feel your vitality levels are not what it used to be.

How do I find out more about you, your philosophy or the C.H.E.K Institute?
Visit www.chekinstitute.com or www.fit4life.com.my

Do I need to make an appointment?
Yes you do. Please call 082 232929.

Do I need to be a member of Fit 4 Life to be your personal training client?
No! I understand some people cannot fit regular visits to the gym.

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