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Is nagging pain affecting the quality of your life? Is Pain getting in the way of your Fitness, of your potential as a Human Being? Most kinds of musculoskeletal pain are manageable. With discipline and commitment to a program most neck, shoulder, arm, elbow, back, knee, ankle and foot pain is fixable !

Very often, people tend to get more sedentary after an injury or if they feel that more activity will make the pain worse. However inactivity is also a source of more pain and thus a vicious cycle emerges.

Imagine moving beyond your aches & pains ~ feeling discomfort dissolve while gaining flexibility, freedom of movement, vitality, confidence and not to mention that "spring" back into your step?

Holistic Fitness, a Whole Person Approach is our Philosophy, a one of a kind life-changing integrated system to well-being - a simple 6 step program where YOU are in-charge! Respect and give your body the tools it needs to heal and you will be amazed at its natural healing ability.

Wellness in mind and body is about making the right lifestyle choices, eating & moving the right way for you to reduce inflammation and therefore increase mobility and strength. No one way is right for everyone. Treating yourself as unique is important when it comes to movement & nutrition.

A Personalized Plan allows you to suit your lifestyle, time constraints and areas of concern. Or joining our varied Group Fitness Classes gives you the motivation sometimes needed to keep on going with a group of like minded individuals. Our classes are structured to have a balance of Flexibility -- Stability -- Strength -- Power.

Fit 4 Life provides:

  • corrective programs for postural dysfunction, post-rehabilitation and musculoskeletal pain
  • performance-specific programs for athletes and the general public, specializing in golf
  • general fitness programs that improve your overall health strength and toning programs that increase muscle mass & tone which increases resting metabolic rate i.e burn more calories at rest
  • lifestyle coaching for improving your vitality and health
  • Ergonomic assessment for home and office
  • group fitness classes with emphasis on cross-training and program balance principles keeping to the same formula of Flexibility -- Stability -- Strength -- Power as incorporated in the personal training programs

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